Creating Wealth From the Infinite Field of Being

What is the Infinite Field of Being? I would not be so presumptuous as to say, but I can say this:  It is the place where dreams are made real, the place of creation.  In the movie Field  of Dreams, Ray Kinsella learns that by staying true to his vision, and by staying literally in the field where all is possible – his dreams will come true.  If you know that story you know that Ray and Annie Kinsella have moved to Iowa to live  a simple life on a farm. Unfortunately, keeping together a family farm is hard financially , and I think they are feeling isolated in their vision.  One night while Ray is feeling lonely and rather desperate, he hears a voice saying  “Build it and they will come.” To Ray’s surprise, it turns out that what we are hearing about is baseball – and that the task he needs to do build a baseball field in the middle of the field.  SPOILER ALERT – as the movie unfolds, it does happen that Ray does build the field.  And following his dream – the dream that he lived as he stayed in the field of consciousness – looks as if it will be the answer to his financial problems.  We are left with the image of cars lighted up on the highway all headed his way – to visit his field.  What is even more wonderful is that building the field helps realize the dreams of other people : primarily Shoeless Joe Jackson – the one member of the infamous 1919 Chicago Black Sox who claimed that he had not thrown the game for money – he had played the best he could.

Staying in the infinite field of being means standing in belief regardless of appearances. When it comes to wealth I think this means that everything starts at the level of the Mind – and by uniting ourselves to that reality we are putting ourselves in the creative space where we can attract wealth.

It can be really hard to believe in a reality that you have never experienced. Most poor people remain poor their whole life.  Many lottery winners are poor again several years after their initial win.  It is like the mind takes over, and somehow they are on a spiral that brings them back to poverty.  The tabloids gloat in the tales of how movie stars lose millions frivolously. However, many lottery winners are able to hold onto their wealth.  Many rich people stay rich their whole lives.  Especially if they have some understanding of what creates wealth, most rich people stay somewhere in that space.  In fact, a lot of lottery winners keep their health and their relationships,  it depends a lot on what their attitudes are.

This is not to say that there are not social constructs that are operating to keep people poor.  The class systems that have been in the world are ferocious obstacles – and I believe we have a social obligation to work for social justice. But it is also my belief that these problems come out of the collective MIND and by changing our own minds we can change the world. Anytime a poor girl or boy rises out of the rubble – and there are examples – we need to ask ourselves – what happened here? It is like the placebo effect. What causes the placebo effect?  When we tap into that force, we tap into the infinite field of being – and we become unstoppable.

So I encourage you to believe in wealth regardless of the situation – you will be amazed at the results!