Tax Liens and Tax Deed Certificates: Lucrative, Secured Investments that Actually Help the Community

What happens when people get behind on their property taxes? I’ll tell you what happens – the government gets pissed. And when the government gets pissed – it collects.
Yes if you get behind on your property taxes, the local government will give you an opportunity to put it right in a few years – but they will charge you interest. If you do not pay, they will take your property!
If you get behind on the property taxes on your house or commercial property – the government will place a lien on the property and guess what – that lien is senior. Over even the mortgage – (take that Bank of America.)
That sucks if you are the person who has the tax lien on your house. If you are at the other end you can profit and profit a lot by investing in the tax liens. Yes to make sure that the local government gets the money to run its schools and whatever, you can purchase the tax lien – get a guaranteed interest and guess what – even the opportunity to get the house if the property owner defaults.
Some states offer the ability to invest in tax lien certificates – for interest up to 36 percent. Some states offer the ability to invest in the tax deeds themselves – in other to buy the properties for the money that is owed. Want to find out how to do that?
Keep reading here and I will tell you how!