Secrets of Dirty Money – Learning how To Be Rich As well As Learning how to Be Poor

Yesterday I found myself at a bank depositing pennies into a counting machine so I could directly deposit it into my account. I was sad as I did this, as I had planned to send it to the Grameen Foundation for use with their micro-loan program. I had started collecting the pennies because I heard that they “had no value” and the copper in them cost more than the value of the pennies. I thought “Well they are worth something to someone – I am sure that a micro-loan made out of these pennies could change someone’s life.” Instead I found out that I am the woman that is profiting from those pennies. What is more,  I saw that someone had thrown some change away in a bag with clutter.  I surreptitiously picked it out of the garbage,  looking around to make sure that no one saw me do that. The money was in a bag, and a lot of it was dirty. I took it over to a friend’s home and I went through it with a glove. A lot of it was dirty. I thought of “being filthy, stinking” rich, and how money sometimes was seen as dirty. We agreed that  you don’t throw away money, ever. Still – I know I have learned to be poor, and I am actually good at it – I can save and scrimp with the best of them.

Still, am I good at being rich? Do I have the consciousness of wealth? That is the important question, and answering that one will change my whole life.