How to Become a Nurse and How to get that first job in Nursing

I’ve been a nurse for over thirty years. I personally know that nursing offers tremendous versatility and promise as a career. But nursing can be very hard and stressful, and you need to carefully consider your reasons for going into nursing before you make the decision to do so . And then you can check out all the varieties of careers available inside of nursing, checking out the schooling and start on your new nursing  career.

Nursing is believed to be a field that will hold great promise for the future. With an aging population – often with many health problems – and a realization of the talents that nurses can bring in so many different areas from hospital nursing to legal consulting to public health – it is expected that the demand for nurses will continue to be high. Also nursing is becoming more technical everyday – with new scientific advances in fields such as neonatal intensive care nursing more highly trained nurses will be needed.

The traditional way of becoming a nurse was hospital based: a three year program that had much clinical training  in the hospital itself. Those programs have largely been phased out however, and more and more the emphasis is on getting an associates or bachelors degree as a way into nursing. And more and more the AD degrees are being passed by for the BSN which is seen as the beginning level for nurses.  There has been a move for every nurse to get their BSN – with a move called BSN in 10 – meaning each nurse should get a BSN in 10 years to practice nursing. There are advanced opportunities for nurses who possess Masters Degrees, and PhD programs have sprung up as well.

One of the problems that nurses have had recently is getting started as a new nurse. Even though the demand is high, some states and areas are especially impacted and although layoffs are rare, sometimes hiring of new graduate nurses has slowed if not completely stopped.

One option for new grads is to seek out programs of hospitals that offer internships, as you are much more likely to get a job from these. These internships can open you to specialties that you might not have even knew existed in nursing, as well as making your first days as a nurse easier because you are more trained.

In spite of difficulties getting that first job as a nurse, nursing might be a great career for you to pursue.  Once you can get that first year of nursing under your belt,  your options can be huge as their is  still active recruiting for experienced nurses.

And of course, nursing at its best offers something more than just a job – it offers the deep satisfaction of helping people when they really need you.

RESOURCES – for more information about internships